This is a list of frequently asked questions we receive, please take a moment to read this before sending in a question.

• Was ‘WE’ their debut?
It was not, ‘WE’ was a pre-debut digital single released as a surprise gift to their fans for waiting patiently for their debut.♡

• When will Pledis Girlz debut?
Following the end of their ‘BYE & HI’ concert on January 6th, an official countdown towards their debut will begin.

• Are they seriously debuting as Pledis Girlz or LadyTeen?
They will be announcing their official group name at the ‘BYE & HI’ concert. Pledis Girlz is a temporary name as they are still trainees, and ladyteen was simply a nickname fans coined years ago for the female trainees of Pledis (see the following question).

• What does your fanbase name, “LadyTeen”, come from?
In 2013, Pledis Entertainment held a series of livestreams (17TV) for their male trainees, who went on to debut as now rookie-group Seventeen. Some of Pledis’ female trainees took part in season three and performed in the second LIKE17 concert. These girls were referred to as “ladyteen” by fans, and as a result, LadyTeen International was born!

• Do you have a list of PLEDIS Girlz fansites?
We do, here. We also have a list on Twitter here.

• Can you translate this for me?
If we deem it is something useful for fans to know and we’re not preoccupied at the moment, sure! If you send us a screenshot of a Korean fan’s tweet and ask us to explain it in full, maaaaaybe not

• If you’re international, why do you only use English?
We use English as it one of the widest spoken languages on Earth (ranking #2 in the 2015 Ethnologue with around 942 million speakers worldwide). There are plenty of Pledis Girlz fanbases for different languages/countries and we plan on compiling a Twitter list in the near future.

• Do you know other languages besides English?
Collectively, we fluently speak English, Korean, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Japanese. Feel free to send us a message in any of these if it makes it easier for you.

• May I translate your translations into another language?
 You may, but only if you provide credit to our original translations. We would greatly appreciate a heads-up as well.

• I have a question that wasn’t in this list.
You can send us a DM on Twitter @ladyteenintl, ask us at ask.fm/Ladyteenintl, or email us at ladyteenintl@gmail.com/pledisladyteen@yahoo.com!