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Let me share with everyone some new nails that go great with summer 💅

Natural color plus flashy stickers At the same time, also that much more refreshingly dazzle-cool (❓) hahaha

What kind of nails do everyone like?



[FROM ADMIN R] 190526 Sound out

Hello this is the founder of Ladyteen Intl, Admin R. Regarding recent news of PRISTIN disbanding i feel like i have to make a statement in which i can express all my gratitude to the group, the fandom and most especially to the past and present staff that has collaborated with me in these years.

First of all i’d like to thank PRISTIN for being one of the most amazing groups i’ve encountered. Following them since they were making baby steps into the industry till their debut and onwards has been a pleasure and a whole experience to me. All of them are really sweet girls, full of talents and charms and i’m honestly sad and happy at the same time that they decided to leave the company.

As much as i’d like them to be together forever i know that that can’t be achieved by staying under a label that does not acknowledge their existence and only waste their time, energy and youth. While i am deeply enraged for their mistreatment i am also really proud they decided to move on and anticipating what the future holds for them.

A big thank you goes to all the past and present staff of Ladyteen Intl that have put so much dedication and energy into collecting news, translating, subbing and coordinating this fanbase. I have met wonderful people that helped me out on so many levels and that have also turned out to be great friends with whom i’ve shared many hard and happy moments. I wish i could mention each one of you but there’s been so many and i don’t want to leave anyone out, i know you’ll understand who you are and i hope you are all doing ok in these hard times.

Ultimately, i have created this fanbase with hopes that when the amazing girls that PRISTIN turned out to be would debut, everyone could be able to get to know them in the best ways possible. I had no idea it would become one of the biggest fanbase for PRISTIN and for that i’m again thankful to everyone that helped out and to HIghs that have always been really nice and supporting of our work.

As to what the future holds for LTI, i cannot say anything right now. This, for now, is a good bye to the group called PRISTIN which i truly loved. Everyone at LTI will still be supporting ALL girls just like we always did.
Thank you PRISTIN.


Hello, Yewon here. I think this is the first time I’m greeting you guys like this after the news came out.. I’m very sorry for making HIghs unfold this news like this so unexpectedly.

Even if it’s not on an official SNS account, and in a KKT room like this, I came to write this because I have so many things I want to say to HIghs.

I think we were all able to stay strong due to the HIghs who were with us in the midst of our time as Pristin and our long hiatus, as it must have been hard and exhausting saying you were always behind and always protecting and waiting for us silently.

It might be the end for me as Pristin’s Yehana, but as we all thought and came to this decision very carefully, I hope you can trust in and watch over each one of us individually.

We might not know when, how, or under what kind of image we’ll be able to come and meet you again, but I think that we’ll all be able to get through this. So, HIghs, make sure to eat well, don’t get sick, and you have to stay healthy for us!

Thank you so very much to all the people who have loved Pristin through this time, and I love you.

[TRANS] 190525 Eunwoo

Because there were some things I didn’t say in the chat room, I’ll write the rest down here! I love all the Pristin members and I’m so thankful to you for being together with me for a long time I love you guys. You also did a great job, Xiyeon..

Whatever path you take, even when sometimes you might feel hopeless I think I would like it if we become someone who never lose hope by helping each other. I also think the same for HIghs. Nayoung unnie, Roa unnie, Yuha unnie, Yebin-ie, Kyulkyung-ie, Sungyeon-ie, Yewon-ie, Xiyeon-ie and Illa, you all did a great job. Let’s all truly be happy ❣️ Illa too, you worked really hard I’m sorry that unnie couldn’t do better.

When we next see each other next let’s all eat something good together. I love everyone. Thank you for supporting us and liking us.


Translated by Admin T